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Duration 2 Hours
Price 45 €/Persons

The Cyclades are islands in the Aegean Sea. Their name was given by ancient geographers because of circular array around ‘ the sacred island of Delos ( birthplace of the goddess Artemis and Apollo ) . The Cyclades comprise about…

Duration 3 Hours
Price 100 €/Persons

Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades . It is known for its contrasting landscapes , its breathtaking sunsets, the town of Thira and the active and inactive volcanoes . It has beautiful natural beaches such as : Perissa…

Duration 10 Hours
Price 100 €/Persons

Cruise starts from Marina Vlihada and sails towards the Red, White and Black beach where you can take a swim in the crystal clear blue waters. Sailing past the Famous Indian shaped rock and our Lighthouse you will cruise along…

Duration 5 Hours
Price 400 €/Persons

This cruise starts from Vlychada Marina and set sail towards vlyhada beach, the red beach located in the historic village of Akrotiri , the white beach, which is really fascinating , and the famous Indian shaped rock where you will…